Cellulite—that rippling of skin, which is color blind, gender non-specific, has no age requirement, and plagues us whether our body fat is high or low—has finally met its match.  Accent by Alma Lasers provides a thermal treatment for the dimpling of cellulite that can smooth the skin and shape areas such as the buttocks, thighs, arms, and stomach.  Accent’s innovative technology offers a duo delivery of radio frequency that is gaining worldwide acceptance as the best non-invasive treatment for any body area that is in need of smoothing and tightening. Treatment Time:

about 30 minutes per area

For now, Accent can only be found in eighty centers worldwide, lucky for us, one is in Atlanta. Dr. J. Barry McKernan, M.D., Ph. D has agreed to participate in the ongoing clinical trials for Accent, which is FDA 510k approval pending.  Dr. McKernan’s extensive experience with lasers and medical directorship of A New You Skin and Body Clinic provided the expertise Alma Lasers was looking for.  “Basically, radio frequency warms below the skin and into the deeper tissue layers to treat both the fat cells and the connective tissue irregularities that cause the cellulite.  Accent’s treatment head allows control over the depth of the treatment, which is important to obtain good results.” Is it for everyone?

Contraindications include: pacemakers, pins or plates, and those with connective tissue diseases, such as lupus.

Laser nurse, Deborah Moore, RN, BSN is excited about the use of Accent on the face and neck to produce tightening and smoothness.  “Using the bipolar RF, the heat passes closer to the surface and can give tone to the jaw line and neck.  My patients are raving about the results, and this technology compliments laser treatments which can get rid of sun damage and broken blood vessels.” Cost:

starting at $700 and up