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Perfect for weddings, cruises,
vacations and flirting!

Whether hitting the red carpet or simply spicing-up a casual Friday, you’ll have that something special with our Celebrity Eyelash Extensions. With the finest synthetic lashes available, you’ll enjoy a flutter of natural fullness and/or length in a matter of moments.

How It Works:

We expertly apply the individual eyelashes using a hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive to your own lashes.


  • Synthetic lashes inhibit allergic reactions
  • Perfect for weddings, cruises, vacations and flirting!

What you need to know about eyelash extensions:

  • Lashes last for up to four weeks
  • Home care is easy by avoiding oil based products in the eye area
  • Regular touch-up visit are required for long term wear

We Recommend:

  • If you are a bride, please try them at least a month before the big day, to make certain you love them.
  • Try them for a special event, but many of our clients wear them all the time, with just a partial application at the ends.