I’ve been thinking about Botox® Cosmetics and Fillers such as Restylane®, What is the difference and do they hurt?

Great question! Botox® Cosmetics is an injectable medication that is used to relax the muscles that pull our brows, foreheads, corner of eyes and mouths. The wrinkles in these areas relax and are smoothed out, creating a more youthful appearance. Botox® Injections will “smart” during the insertion, but for the most part patients tolerate the discomfort very well. A variety of, injectable fillers such as Restylane®, Hyaluronic Acids, Jevederm® and Radiesse®. may be used depending upon individual needs. These fillers are used to plump lips and elevate the creasing of wrinkles. While pain levels vary from person to person, the injection may be uncomfortable or mildly painful, but there is a numbing medication that may be applied before hand. We can also arrange a dental block that numbs the lips and nasolabial folds to give you complete comfort during the filler treatment.

I really don’t like needles. What can you offer for my spider veins?

Who does like needles?? We use injectable therapy for first line approach to spider veins and the feeders that are creating them. We also have the Lumenis Vasculite, Laserscope’s Gemini and Alma’s Harmony which have several different modalities for treating veins. Whatever your choice is, you can trust we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort during all treatments at the clinic.

I’ve seen microdermabrasion offered at a lower cost than at A New You. Why should I come to you?

Not all microdermabrasion treatments are created equal. There are varying levels of machines that are touted to perform microdermabrasion. We only utilize top of the line, state-of-the-art, and scientifically tested equipment. Our providers are licensed and trained extensively in the science of skincare. Our sessions last over one hour, and include a pre- and post-microdermabrasion facial treatment. There are no add-on costs for the individualized skin care products used for your treatment. If you need moisturization, you will receive it all inclusively. Likewise, if you need a clay mask for problem skin, you receive that as well. Why come to us? Because our ultimate goal is to bring your skin up to new levels of perfection.

Will insurance reimburse the costs for my treatment?

Insurance plans are so unique that it depends on a case by case basis, what service you are receiving and for what reason. Usually, insurance does not cover any ‘cosmetic’ procedures. Feel free to ask us for an opinion based upon our experience, and of course, call your insurance company to find out the details of your coverage.

I started treatments at A New You and my skin actually looks worse. What’s happening?

If you are treating acne, rosacea and/or have very sensitive skin, you may feel your skin becomes more aggravated at first. We have years of experience in the care of skin, so it is important that you place your trust in us. We address each client individually, and never offer you a “cookie cutter” approach to skin care management. It is common for the skin to flare up during the initial process of purging the blocked pores, and balancing the pH of the skin. Call your care provider with ANY concerns. We can always make adjustments in your at-home skin care regimen.

I need to cancel my appointment, what should I do?

At a New You we understand that situations may occur that force you to re-schedule. Please give us a call as soon as you become aware of a change so we can rebook you for another appointment time. Of course, the earlier you can let us know the better. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all non-emergency situations. A $50 rebooking fee will be required by credit card for missed appointments. We value you as a client and know that you in turn value the time we have allotted just for you.