Skin Resurfacing – Pixel Laser

PIXEL is our newest laser. As always, we offer state of the art technology. Pixel provides deep skin resurfacing that smooths wrinkles and scars. Historically, CO2 lasers have been used to burn the top layer of skin and bring freshness and smoothing as the healing process completes, which takes six weeks and beyond. Think Samantha on Sex in the City–she had a laser resurfacing and had to shroud herself to go out in public.

PIXEL can smooth the skin with literally no downtime (no shrouding) by using the laser to evaporate pin point cells down to the dermal level. New skin fills in these pore size ‘pixels’ and stem cells begin to produce collagen under those lines and scars. Between 40-60% of the skin is treated in a session, giving maximum benefits with minimal trauma.

The treatments last approximately 40 minutes, after a 20 minute topical anesthetic application ( you get to relax in our massage recliner during this). A light sunburned feeling and flush lasts 24-72 hours, followed by light exfoliation for several days. The skin is looking visibly refreshed over the next two weeks, with full results realized over the next two months.

We are recommending two to three treatments for the optimal change in the skin tissue. The Pixel is safe for all skin types, including Asian, African-American and Hispanic skin.