5 Ways to Prepare for a CoolSculpting Treatment

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CoolSculpting is growing in popularity because it gives you the body you want without having to go through a complicated and risky surgery. If you have a stubborn area on your body that won’t respond to traditional weight loss methods, you may be a great candidate for this treatment. With no cutting and minimal side effects, you can get back…

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Are You Ready For The Holidays?

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Family photo ops, obligatory FB posts showing your holiday bliss, parties, school functions and office gatherings—Let’s face it, you have to give yourself some attention, to put your best face forward! Which is why we’ve come up with 5 Skincare Treatments to get you Holiday ready! Sculplla H2 This Korean facial drives a proprietary ingredient into the skin that helps…

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The Benefits of Choosing Ultherapy

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Committing to a cosmetic procedure can be scary, especially when it involves going under the knife. Thankfully, there is a new procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to boost your self-confidence: Ultherapy. Practitioners and patients are falling in love with Ultherapy because it is a proven alternative to other invasive dermatological treatments. What is Ultherapy All About? Ultherapy is a dermatological…

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CoolSculpting 101: What to Know and Expect

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When you share a weight loss goal with friends and family, their response is almost always the same: “eat right and exercise daily.” The truth is, not all of our bodies respond the same to diet and exercise. Sure, it’s keeping us healthy, but it doesn’t always help you reach that next milestone. Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to lose weight through…

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Get Trim to Swim with CoolSculpting

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Have you started shopping for this year’s swimsuit yet? If not, are you putting it off because of insecurity caused by pockets of fat that you can’t seem to lose? Whether it’s a bikini, one-piece, or even just a tank top and shorts that you aren’t feeling your best in, CoolSculpting may be the answer to giving you the trim,…

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Top Summer Workouts for Women

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It’s May, which means summer is right around the corner! Check out these 4 targeted workouts to help you reach your summer body goals! Abs • Criss cross crunches are an excellent way to strengthen the muscles in your midsection. The primary muscles targeted with this exercise are the abs and obliques. To do a criss cross crunch, stand with…

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The Cool Way to Get Hot For Summer With CoolSculpting

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Spring is here, which means summer is just around the corner. Are you ready for tank tops, bathing suits, and shorter hemlines? If stubborn fat is keeping you from feeling confident this summer, CoolSculpting may be able to help! Just as the name suggests, CoolSculpting uses the power of cold to freeze away fat cells that accumulate in certain areas…

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5 Ways Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting May Impact Your Life

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Fat loss is often number one on the list of people who want to lose weight and get healthy – and for good reason! Losing excess fat can give you better health, a confidence boost, and more! Non-invasive CoolSculpting is a great way to help you get to your fat loss goals. By gently freezing fat cells in targeted areas,…

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CoolSculpting Basics

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Have you heard of the revolutionary fat removal technology called CoolSculpting? If so, you may be wondering how it works. How can fat be removed from the body without cutting or puncturing the skin? Is it too good to be true? Read on to find out! CoolSculpting CoolSculpting is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure. It is one of the latest and…

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Considering CoolSculpting? 3 Things To Know.

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What You Should Know About CoolSculpting If you have been considering having CoolSculpting done, there are a few things to take into consideration. CoolSculpting is a great fat reduction option for many people who want to smooth stubborn bulges of fat on their body. The best candidate for CoolSculpting is within a reasonable range of their ideal body weight. If…

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