Intense Pulsed Light
Photo Rejuvenation

Lighten, brighten, and smooth your skin!

IPL is an exciting technology that corrects a variety of skin conditions and facial imperfections, such as age spots, birthmarks, fine lines and other blemishes, as well as reducing broken blood vessels.

How It Works:

The IPL is a broad-spectrum light that lightens, brightens and smooths the skin.

It targets red and brown pigments to create cell renewal.

The results are a “lifting off” of the pigmented cells through accelerated dermal turnover.

The controlled application of laser heat stimulates new collagen cells and shortens existing collagen fibers, which have lengthened.


IPl treatments are quick, gentle and non invasive.

There is no interruption of routine activities.

What You Need to Know: 

  • You cannot have a tan when you schedule this procedure which could result in temporary lifting of your deepened skin color 
  • No antibiotics or steroids within two weeks of treatment to avoid a burn to the skin
  • Written post care instructions give after each treatment.

We Recommend: 

  • A series of treatments will give you incremental improvement .
  •  You will notice a brightening of your skin and a lifting of sun damage over 10-14 days. Typically, veins fade during this period.