An electromagnetic wave of light that treats a host of skincare issues, causes very little discomfort and offers minimal side effects. There’s so much to love about our laser treatments! We use state of the art laser technology to treat wrinkles, scars, discoloration, dark veins, decrease in elasticity, hair removal, and so much more!

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Get rid of acne without side effects, discomfort, photosensitivity or downtime. We use BLU-U® therapy to treat clients with moderate inflammatory acne.

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Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation

IPL is an exciting technology that corrects a variety of skin conditions and facial imperfections, such as age spots, birthmarks, fine lines and other blemishes, as well as reducing broken blood vessels.

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Skin Resurfacing Pixel Laser

Pixel skin resurfacing provides deep skin resurfacing that diminishes wrinkles and virtually lifts off sun damage. Scars can be reduced in depth and length. Even stretch marks are benefitted.

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LightSheer Duet™

Get rid of dark, coarse hair on the face, neck, abdomen, back, breasts, legs, bikini  or underarms—today! Our LightSheer Duet™ Diode Laser System is a state-of-the-art system designed to painlessly and permanently remove unwanted hair.