Reduce Inflammation and Restore Tissue

A therapy backed by both the FDA and NASA, of course, we love it! Before Revitalight™ technology came to A New You, NASA was using it for astronauts in space to promote wound healing. It goes without saying that it’s totally safe and comfortable to use.

How Revitalight™ Works:

Red and blue light emitting diodes (LED) reduce inflammation and increase cellular functions that restore tissue.

We incorporate LED light into our relaxing Revitalight Facial to promote deep cleansing and restoration to the skin.


Benefits all skin types

An important treatment for Rosacea, dry, sensitive and sun damaged skin

What you need to know:

  • Completely non-invasive and relaxing
  • Immediately improves skin healing from surgery, laser, chemical peels, sunburn or chemotherapy

We Recommend:

  • You try this before a special event to give you a glow!
  • You utilize this routinely to stimulate the cell health in conjunction with other treatments like our signature facial.