Wrinkle-free results without needles
or downtime

This facial gives filler like results without the needle.

This facial is excellent for existing clients and is great for getting your skin ‘red carpet ready’ for an event

How It Works:

  • Sculplla is applied topically during a 60 minute facial.
  • The Sculplla serum, a Poly L Lactic Acid, (the same ingredient found in the injectable Sculptra) is infused into your skin to plump up your wrinkles.
  • After a lactic peel is applied to the skin, the Sculplla mask is placed on top.
  • The mask drives nutrients into your skin and inspires collagen production
  • The results are firmer, tighter and smoother skin
  • The serum includes other anti-aging powerhouses like caffeine, niacinamide, and EFG peptides
  • The Celluma, an LED Light Therapy that treats acne, wrinkles and pain, is placed over the face to boost the effects of the Sculplla mask and to drive the ingredients deeper into the skin

What You Need To Know About Sculplla H2:

  • The treatment was developed in Korea and has been called, “The Korean Face Lifting Surgery Mask
  • Improves fine lines
  • Tightens pores
  • Creates a glow
  • Uses LED
  • The effects are cumulative
  • It’s best when performed in a series

We Recommend:

  • The Sculplla Mist, a spritz that contains the collagen stimulating ingredient Poly L Lactic Acid and is designed to make your facial filler last longer