Pixel skin resurfacing

Diminish Winkles
And Lift Sun Damage

Pixel skin resurfacing provides deep skin resurfacing that diminishes wrinkles and virtually lifts off sun damage. Scars can be reduced in depth and length. Even stretch marks are benefitted. It’s a beautiful thing!

How Pixel Skin Resurfacing Works:

The laser evaporates cells down to the dermal level. New skin fills in these pore-size ‘pixels.’ Stem cells reproduce collagen under the lines and scars.

A laser assisted ‘peel’ gets rid of sun damaged browns, refining the skins texture, and over time will also reduce underlying skin redness.


Short period of redness (1-3 days) and 3-4 days of light peeling

Skin looks visibly refreshed after your post-pixel facial you will be smooth and glowing

Full benefits realized over the next two months

What You Need to Know:

  • After a 20-minute topical anesthetic application, the treatments takes approximately 40 minutes
  • A hot sunburned feeling and flush lasts 24-72 hours, followed by light exfoliation for a couple days after that
  • You are given a post care kit to use for the week that helps heal the skin
  • A scheduled post-pixel facial at one week will dissolve remnants of peeling skin and the use of LED Revitalight helps calm and hydrate
  • No antibiotics or steroids within two weeks of treatment to avoid a burn to the skin.
  • Written post care instructions give after each treatment.

We recommend:

  • One treatment is sufficient, unless we are correcting deep lip lines or ice pick (depressed) scars which may require up to three treatments.
  • Safe for all skin types, with appropriate pre-treatment.