A New You is a labor of love. We feel the love is mutual! Check out what some of our customers would like you to know

Annettet: Customer since 2006

The surroundings at A New You exude a beautiful, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. From the moment you step into the office you know you are in the right place as you are greeted by a staff committed to excellence with the professionalism and know-how to back it up! I have traveled worldwide but have never experienced this level of state-of-the-art techonology combined with one of the most talented and elegant professional women..”ever!” Woodstock is incredibly easy to get to from any location in Atlanta with just a little pre-planning. Please do yourself a favor as I have and make an appointment at A New You Skin & Body Clinic…and you too might have folks thinking you are ten years younger than you really are!!!

Anonymous: Customer since 2010

The staff at a new you not only look the part they live what they offer the best in skincare, knowledge,and follow up..

I live near downtown atlanta so Woodstock is not exactly convenient and there are many quote doctors offices, nail salons ,etc offering similar types of procedures ,however think long and hard before trusting your face to anyone outside of Judith and her team…..

You face is the first the world sees why not be your best……

Carissa M: Customer since 2013

Jessica does a fabulous job with the laser hair removal. She is so friendly! When I come in for my appointment it’s like catching up with an old friend. She makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend A new you Skin and Body Clinic.

Cindy K: Customer since 2013

I am so excited to finally have permanent eyeliner and now permanent eyebrow makeup. I was quite nervous but Donna completely put me at ease and took a good amount of time explaining every step of the process. Donna’s years of experience really shine through with the final result. I absolutely will enjoy the very natural makeup and very much appreciate the quiet and comforting confidence Donna shows during the entire process. Thanks!

Paula F: Customer since 2010

It’s a very calm and relaxing experience when I visit A New You. Judith is as always a perfectionist when doing my lips. I love my permanent makeup that Donna did. I’m going to get a touch up on my lips and go with a little more color. Very pleased with all the services. I definitely recommend A New You.

Barbara P: Kennesaw, GA

The way people feel about their looks is very personal. The ladies at A New You always treated my concerns with respect and support, and provided me with professional attention and care. They made me feel that my needs and choices were valued, and made every attempt to be certain that I was informed as well as happy with the results. I know that I made the right choice in going to this facility, even though I had looked at others.

Anonymous Verified Customer

I enjoyed my experience at A New You and once again have had good results from the treatments. The staff is friendly and helpful and as women relate well to women’s needs and goals. The only criticism would be that it can take longer than expected so it is best to plan visits on a day when you have plenty of time.

Anonymous Verified Customer

I’ve been curious to learn more about coolsculpting, but never really had a chance to asked at previous places that I’ve visited. I asked Judith about it and she gave me a consult right then. I scheduled my appt., had it done, and can’t wait to start seeing results! Judith is such a star!