A revolutionary facial that instantly
lifts the skin and increase hydration

A cutting-edge facial that combines PDO and colloidal gold threads with LED and Microcurrent technology to instantly lift the skin and increase hydration.

This facial is excellent for first time clients or existing clients

How It Works:

  • The skin absorbs the PDO thread, slowly maximizing the lifting effect
  • While the colloidal gold creates a penetrating effect that drives the collagen components from the PDO Threads deeper into the skin
  • Utilizing a mask with both Aloe Vera and 24 karat gold, the water level of the skin is increased exponentially
  • An LED light therapy, the 3 mode Celluma, that treats acne, pain, and wrinkles, is added to boost the effects of the mask
  • Then Microcurrent therapy, a low level current, that works with the natural current inherent in your body is used to provide instant and cumulative anti-aging effects.

What You Need To Know:

  • The V-Line increases hydration
  • Firms, lifts and brightens the skin
  • Uses both LED and Microcurrent Technology
  • The effects are cumulative
  • Is best in a series